Senses for kids / Sensory activities

This is a previous activitie. The five senses in English is an amazing topic. We think the BEST way to learn that is doing activities where children can feel the senses themselves. It is not the fact of learning words and specific vocabulary and verbs. Children have to share their experience and only if we get it, they will learn the use of the senses. Sometimes, the real life is the BEST way.

Firstly, an “ACME” funny video…

And here let you some Photos about we are telling you.


For the touch (TACTO):




For the hearing (OÍDO):


For the Smell (OLFATO):


For the sight (VISTA):


Finally, for your taste (GUSTO):


And we attach a link to practise at home:

And worksheets you can enjoy a lot with that:

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